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We’ve helped thousands of people like you get their homes appraised and sell them at the right price, so you can make sure you’re getting paid what you deserve.

Real estate transactions can be difficult to understand, especially if you’re doing them alone. Whether you’re buying or selling a home, a residential appraisal can help you determine the true value of any property. Working with our professionals at Geist Appraisal Services will help you determine the value of your current or prospective home.
We are here to serve as your neighborhood real estate appraiser in Happy Valley, OR, and the surrounding areas, and our goal is to deliver results that are completely objective. Licensed and trained professionals with more than 30 years of industry expertise make up our team. You can rely on us to complete every appraisal in accordance with industry standards.

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We are aware that you have a wide range of options when hiring a home appraiser and that making the appropriate decision is overwhelming. But we’re here to assist you in making sense of everything! Since 2000, our team of experts has delivered high-quality property, divorce, and other residential appraisals. We have experienced everything, and this sets us different from the competition. Whenever you work with us, you’ll never be overlooked.

We are here to answer your inquiries about an appraisal around-the-clock. Trust us to accurately ascertain the market worth of your real estate by adhering to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices.

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If you need a real estate appraiser in or near Happy Valley, OR, you already know who to contact. At Geist Appraisal Services, we go above and above to support our customers, who can vouch for our knowledge, effectiveness, and dependability. Contact us today for a free home appraisal quotation. Please consider leaving a Google review for us.

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